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Gold and Sliver Wedding Bells

Please be aware I've never once posted here before this well be my first time.
This is a fill for Human AU Wedding Of Sanderson ManSnoozie (Sandy) and Kozmotis Pitchiner.

The Humming bird is the bright lively little cafe down the bleak corner of the city start. The young women of the cafe all smiled sweetly wearing the arrays of the rainbows. Right across the road was Frosty treats a fine ice blue building with the youngest baker Jack Frost. He was shock to roll deals with the Main manager Titania Humming. If ether where asked before the day the question of all questions was popped for their two friends. They would have laughed or made the most ack-word face both could ever muster.

-First Meeting-(Sandy)

Sanderson was the man Titania never seen in her live and he seemed like one of these whispered prayers of an Angel. When her other girls at the shop where all cooing and awing she needed to see for her very self what in the world might have every single employee so engaged. When she pulled her way thought the mass of ladies she was a loss for words. A man with hair gold, bronze and blond like the colors of the promise of a ring. Eyes almost the same color a warm golden hazel. She moved back and rushed over to Jack's Frosty Treats and grabbed him by his arm. Dragging him in his shock over to her Cafe. She had to be seeing things...RIGHT? She pushed her way in yet again pulling Jack in and pointed at the beaming man. He was laughing at all the questions the young ladies where asking.

Jack shared a bit too long for Titania's liking so she elbowed a bit making he look at her. He gave a shrug he didn't know what to say. Normally the girls would be buzzing around him due to his wonderful smile. A bright clean white that drove them all mad like fan girls. But he was in a bit of awe to the man that looked shorter them him but was blinding the lights with his own glow. Jack sighed a bit at Titania snipped her fingers and the girls stood straight up looking at their main Manager Ms.Hummingbird all smiled and got back to the other guest there for cafe, tea, and little treats. Jack freely greeted the shorter when he was free of the circle of Humming bird girls.

Sanderson relieved to be able to breath a little better. His voice was like sweet honey and calming roar of a heart beat. Jack could see why all the ladies there at the cafe was practically all over him. Titania could see it too her self. Greeting him, she was apologetic to him. He waved her worries away as he was completely over joyed by the reactions to him being there. He felt wanted and at home. Which he thanked Titania for such a overly amazing welcome to her Cafe of color.

-First meeting- (Kozmotis Pitchiner)

Oddly the weather never been so dark in the years Jack had worked at his icecream shop. His icy treats where going to be fine as long as the power didn't go out. Which worried him though what had him more on the edge was the shadow growing larger and longer heading right for the Humming bird Cafe. He locked everything in a flash he wasn;t the only one that had noticed this odd weather. And the growing worry and fear for the Cafe then Ester. He was the owner of Bucking in life a health food store that had a small flower shop. He closed up and crushed in Jack on his way to see if Titania was alright. Ester huffed and shouted at Jack as Jack tried to get to his feet and snared are back. Till lighting crushed with a man's face both grabbing to the other. There stood a man tall thin eyes in a slight raise at the two before him. He wore an all black suit darker then the nights sky eyes a bright gold that flashed every time sky crushed in ranger.

Both Ester and Jack was shocking like a leaves ether of them close to tears of fear. Sandy had saved them by patting thier back but made them book it in to the cafe of if it where their life depend on doing so. Sandy looked up at the taller as the light gave him only a brief image of the sharply dressed Business man with his dark bit slight graying gelled back hair. Lost in the others graceful movement as he opened the door in a plight meaner for the shorter. He didn't look down to know the other wasn't his height.

- Together- (Pitch)

Pitch wasn't the nick name he fully agreed to but lord he hated when others couldn't for the life of them say his name even if they tried. Sanderson had asked him in such a way he hardly could bear to say no. It wasn't something he thought himself could think he'd grow in to. Though he didn't see himself coming to the little colorful eye shore he picked out for the shutter uses only. The storm drove him to the only open store, shop, mall that had might been open. Till the clouds and rain cleared. But the smile and laughter of Sandy was what kept him coming back. If he was asked why he'd answer for the witty sassy conversations him and Sanderson would have. But the moment he worked up the nerve to ask if Sanderson would think them more then friends. The bright color on Sandy's cheeks a sweet soft smile and a whisper of an answer. Made Pitch's own face a dark color as their hands locked gazing in one an-others eyes.

- Together- (Sandy)

Sandy was lost and hopeless. That Jack was trying to wave all warning signs of why in all of space it self why him and Pitch was just too...Odd. Ester was along side with Jack's every quote and comment to the fact that the man seemed cold and dangerous. But so lost he heard not a word in his dream land of gold marry-meant. Black and Gold dancing in minds eye when ever Pitch wasn't at his side. And the second he was he devoted every moment blocking out anything that wasn't him. He heard every word loving the way he spoke like a way oiled machine foiled on sure will power. He was sure he well educated man. Though slow to notice the flirting comment for anything other then a joking remark. Oh the day Pitch had asked him a question he thought he'd never in his days of living would hear. He was so red it was almost like the sun came in and burnt him in place. But answered making Pitch the same cooked color. Eyes unblinking hands inner tweeted.